Our hearts are broken too

47% of Americans own a gun

25% of Americans suffer mental illness during their lifetime

Connect the dots and answer is simple. These shootings and mass killings are inevitable. How many metal detectors can we install in schools, hospitals and churches? How can we stop people from killing themselves at home?

In Pakistan, you have to indoctrinate a child for years in the name of Islam and Allah. You have to train him in camps in occupied Kashmir. In USA, all you require is let him have access to guns. Every single innocent soul has watched enough TV, played enough computer games to know this form of pressure releasing pleasure. They feel life is worthless and all others are fools to look for sense in everyday affairs. So, why not liberate them?

Before ending, I should mention that I really like the way Barak Obama reinforces his point. This time with impactful words and a few imaginative vapours.



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