Head hung in shame


It is not the first time that a girl/woman is raped. Neither is it the first brutal one. I know no statistics but world over (194 countries), my estimate is that at least 1,000 women must have been suffering this fate every single day. One among the several prices they pay for being a female.

But every once in a while a particular case penetrates the shield of deliberate ignorance which we create around us and shakes our conscience. In the national capital, a young student was careful enough not to be alone while being out and had a male friend to protect her. She did not go with notorious rickshaws but used a public transport. But for what? To get heinously beaten up first and then get violated by a gang of beasts.

Violated, dishonoured, ‘outraged her modesty’ …. we have invented so many euphemistic terms for such a monstrous violence. Murder is bad too as it ends a life. But what of rape? What all it ends? Life, happy life, social life, self-respect, careers, dignity in society, families, dreams or just everything.

When I was small, my mother passed away. But I am lucky to have a Mosi who is more than mother to me. Countless friends and cousins made this life worthwhile. Also I had lovely teachers for whom I will always remain obligated to. My first boss showered motherly love on me. And I have the nicest soul-mate in the world. They all love me to their core and so do I. A girl spreads love in all her incarnations – mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter. They fill colours to the life, bind families and are the cause and reason for our existence.

My heart aches when such cruelty happens. I despise the argument that since not all men commit rape. I have no involvement and hence no blood on my hands. But isn’t it that all rapists are men. If I rejoice in and feel proud for a cricket match won by some unrelated young Indians, should not my head hung down in shame now?

blood on hands

I do not intend to give any preachings or arguments. I just want to pray. She will be in my prayers, today and hereafter.


21 thoughts on “Head hung in shame

  1. Well said Priyank…a country where we do Kanya Pooja during Navaratri, it is a shame that the same Kanya has to undergo such treatment…and what for…for retaliating. I wish her death….coz she doesn’t deserve to live a tormented life for the fault of those wretched sons. No man can ever experience labor pain which is said to be the toughest. But I can say this girl definitely has gone thru hell as labor pain bearable for the fruit it yields…but this was unacceptable torture. I heard 1 of them wishes to be hanged. I would rather want all of them to be castrated n live the rest of their lives. Are they feeling proud of their manhood now? Manhood is not overpowering a girl…that too 6 of them.

    • I can say that I understand your point. At the same time I am aware that I will not be able to feel that pain or fear. So all I can do is talking.
      At the same time I beg to differ with you. (I know you didn’t mean it as such) I do not wish her death. I pray her a good health now and a good life ahead.

      • Yeah…I wudn’t want her to die if she can lead a healthy normal life. But, the docs hav stated that she cannot lead a normal life as her small intestine has been almost completely removed in the latest surgery n she can never lead a happy married life. Imagine the mental as well as physical pain she’ll be enduring at this point of time. If she comes back, I wud want God to give her back a healthy normal life…datz d least I can do.

        • Realism aside, I would still wish good health for her. Also, not to forget India alone sees many thousand rapes per year. Their plight and agony must also be unbearable.

          • So finally, she put an end to all those debates, controversies, uncertainties…I somehow find all this as a staged drama…


            • First thing I checked every morning since then. I don’t know if it was sheer curiosity. I thought I won’t write any posts about her as it might jinx her recovery. Now that she rests in peace, I hope she won’t be forgotten. Else it will take many more lives to bring in some change.

              • I believe whole of India, at least the female population n few men like you who support freedom to live for any girl, would have wished all these days for her to live. But I believe HE did justice to her and HE will ensure punishment for all the culprits including us who have given liberty to these beasts.

                • Men-rapists connection is like the muslims-terrorists riddle. (Latter is the subset of former in both)
                  And ya since mostly men ruled the roost, so you correctly pointed out, HE is always HE.
                  (Female Goddesses are there in Hinduism but they are not the major ones, other religions don’t have them at all)

  2. powerful! Every word in your post screams out the pain you’ve felt for the hapless one. This incident is such a shame and has made us & the nation hang its head in shame & humiliation!

    • Also, I spared the stats in the article but NCR alone sees 3-4 rapes every single day. For the whole nation, it must be much higher. All the victims go through similar pain and humiliation which lingers on for life. Not to forget the forced prostitutes, molested and assaulted girls. We live in a banana republic.

      • It’s so sickening! In fact I haven’t been able to get that Delhi case out of my mind. Did those 6 accused just drop out of nowhere? Weren’t they raised by their mothers? taken care of by her when they were helpless babies? Is this how they chose repay woman kind? their mothers? sick minds!
        Just praying for a positive landmark verdict in this case!

  3. Yeah…I wudn’t want her to die if she can lead a healthy normal life. But, the docs hav stated that she cannot lead a normal life as her small intestine has been almost completely removed in the latest surgery n she can never lead a happy married life. Imagine the mental as well as physical pain she’ll be enduring at this point of time. If she comes back, I wud want God to give her back a healthy normal life…datz d least I can do.

  4. A nice post by a nice boy . U can understand the pain of that girl .What about all those devils moving around freely . We cannot identify them neither can we hang all of them ( I ll surely wish to do that ). But what needs to be done is that each father and each mother should sensitize their sons towards the other sex , their problems , their pains. Lets atleast make males around us a bit more sensitive .

    • Thank you Tanu! I am glad you liked it. Nobody – me, you or other non-victims can feel the agony or pain she is going through. Precisely for that reason parents care for maths tuitions and dresses of their children and not so much about their physical training. I will deal with matter in detail in the next post. Keep coming 🙂

  5. It is nice to read a post that directly poses the questions often ignored. I sincerely feel that a solution to these crimes is not merely punishments (they should be there) but a greater sensitization of boys and men towards the role and status of a woman. This city for long has been discussing and arguing, but I hope that we act now and do something.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and I am glad I came across yours.:)

  6. This is a very thougthful post about a horrible tragedy. I traveled to India recently and this is one of those things I cannot wrap my head around. These men deserve a very long jail sentence for this.

    • Also, there is a burst of public outcry and protests. India still has criminal justice system which has not changed since 1861. Judiciary is so slow that by normal standards this open and shut case would also last at least 4 years. Every few years we make a police reform commission but never heed to any of its advices. So all the pent up emotions have come out this time.

  7. The incident, sorry the incidents at NCR will lead to a major slowdown of Delhi Job Market. There is high probability of scarcity of resouces(suitable resouces) in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and adjoining areas. Industrialists who are intending to invest in new ventures at NCR must think twice. Resources with gray matter will hardly relocate to NCR. Many female prospectives and families are relocating from NCR. It reminds of 1970s when there was huge shift of population from East Pakistan to India. Again the ambience has stirred up. Again another drift.

  8. I have a very strong imagination and her story stuck right to my memory throughtout the remnant of 2012, I just prayed she’s in a better place and her killers given the ultimate judgement. Great post!

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