TAKEN – reality of human trafficking

Taken is a French action Thriller released in 2008 and directed by Pierre Morel. The star cast includes Liam Neeson ,Famke Janssen , and Maggie Grace . It is based on a script by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. The movie is about a father, who sets about tracking down his teenage daughter after she is kidnapped by slave traders while traveling in Europe. Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is a retired United States government agent. He is divorced. He has a 17-year-old daughter, Kim. She lives with his ex-wife Lenore. Bryan loves his daughter very much. 
One day Kim plans to take a vacation in Europe with her friend Amanda to follow U2’s European tour. They arrive in Paris and stay in a rented house. But their address is noted by a friendly man, Peter who accompanies them up till the house. This man works for a Criminal gang from Albania. One day Kim receives a call from her father. While answering the call, some men enter her house and kidnap Kim and her friend Amanda. Bryan gets to know some critical information on the phone as Kim shouts some information on the phone while getting kidnapped. The kidnappers then smash her phone. 
Bryan starts investigating the case and reaches Paris to find his daughter. There he comes to know that that the kidnappers are sex-slavers and that he has only 96 hours to recover his daughter before she will disappear forever. He takes the help of Jean-Claude, who is deputy director of a French intelligence agency and pursues the kidnappers. He uses the digital photos from the smashed remains of Kim’s phone to locate Peter, who is hit by a truck while trying to escape . 


Later he manages to save one of the kidnapped girls from the hands of the kidnappers and she discloses to him the address of the house where the Albanian kidnappers are holding other girls. With the help of the address, he finds the house and many other girls, but does not find Kim. Among the girls he finds the body of Amanda who dies due to drug overdose. He also captures a kidnapper alive. Later, through torturing the captured kidnapper by electrocuting him, Bryan ascertains that Kim was sold to a man named Patrice Saint-Clair, who is planning to make a by selling her because she is a Virgin 
Bryan also comes to know the Jean-Claude is involved in this case. He visits Jean-Claude’s family as a friend before confronting him with his knowledge about Jean-Claude’s involvement in Kim’s case. To demonstrate that he is serious, Bryan shoots Jean-Claude’s wife, in her arm and, by holding his family hostage and extracts Saint-Clair’s location from Jean-Claude. Bryan then seeks Saint-Clair and on finding him he learns that Kim has been sold to Arab clients. Bryan manages to follow the car his daughter is being taken in to see her being taken away on a yacht. He jumps on to the ship from a bridge and eliminates all the people inside, finally killing the client and freeing his daughter. 


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