About Priyank Jain

Hey folks, this is Priyank Jain. At 28 I am eager to explore the world – physical as well as of  thoughts and ideas. I share here random stuff. The worldly wisdom which life teaches and we perceive.
I am engineer by training and wanderer by soul. At the moment I can be found in Aurangabad, Bihar working as a Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellow. (Disclaimer – The views here are completely figments of my own and do not represent the views of the government or the Prime Minister)

I have worked extensively on Skill Development among the rural youth and on Socil Audit of the developmental schemes like MGNREGA. These days, I am busy in working on the grass root level planning in the hinterland of the country. I am also working on the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan awakening masses through a CLTS (Community Lead Total Sanitation) Approach.

PJ in 2009

PJ in 2009



26 thoughts on “About Priyank Jain

    • Thank you! you are a wizard here. You write so well. I am really impressed and now determined to write myself too 🙂
      (the admiration is genuine and has nothing to do with your gorgeous looks)

  1. hey Priyank, so glad to have stumbled upon you. You got one wonderful blog here and can’t wait to come back for more 🙂 Will return as soon as i’m off my hibernation from social networking! Take care till then & happy blogging!

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