Memorable moments with Honorable PM

pm meet

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in group photograph with the youth who have been working in rural areas under Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) scheme, in New Delhi on February 08, 2016. The Union Minister for Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Drinking Water and Sanitation, Shri Chaudhary Birender Singh, the Minister of State for Rural Development, Shri Sudarshan Bhagat and the Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Shri J.K. Mohapatra are also seen. I am also seen in the back row.

Prime Minster Shri Narendra Modi Ji swept us all away in a 2 hour interaction session that we had on Feb 08 in DRDO Bhawan, Delhi. The PM connected so well with us that all of us felt touched. The Prime Minster was spot on when he expressed that his fellows must be facing dilemma by being different in a materialistic world. He said that you guys have to keep your emotions under check every day when you see others buying new cars or new mobiles, ie living comfortable lives while you guys are struggling in the hinterland of the country. He wondered how worried mothers of girls fellows must be after sending their daughters to these troubled areas.

The Prime Minister also talked about the fact that when all of us wrote letters to him not even one complained. He said that even CMs always present a memo of demand first then talk anything else. He specifically asked us to apprise him about the challenges we face in the districts of posting. He also expressed worry about our experiences not being put to effective use. He said that we will devise a mechanism where we can report directly to the PMO. That would be a great thing to happen!

The Prime Minister also mesmerized us by remembering names of many fellows. He called many fellows by their first names during his speech which is like a huge honour for the programme which was languishing in past some time because of the lack of support at the top most level. The very next day, we got to meet the Joint secretary PMO in this regard.

Overall, the Prime Minister showed again how he is different from other dignitaries. The fact that he concerns for our problems alleviates our pain. The fact that he did so much homework before taking a meeting with us showed how hardworking he is and that inspired us to put in more and more efforts from our side. If the Prime Minister of India can work for 16 hours a day why can’t we? After all, we are his fellows 🙂


Prime Minister or Crime Minister


(Pic – Narendra Modi)

Narendra Modi is the front runner for the Prime Ministerial post after the 16th Lok Sabha elections. Few observations:

1. He does not want anyone to talk about the communal riots. Remember the interview with Karan Thapar. Apology for failure of his government to protect citizens in 2002 Gujarat riots is too much to ask for.

2. He does not want to talk about crony capitalism. He has not spoken a word about Natural Gas Pricing or Sahara refund issue. It is an open secret that Gujarati industrialists like Adani are pumping in money for his campaign.

3. He has learnt the marketing tricks from none other than – Arindum Chaudhary.

4. The Iron Man keeps on challenging Rahul, Manmohan for a debate but cant even muster courage to meet ex Delhi CM.

5. He does not want to discuss the nuances of “Gujarat Growth Model.” The infallibility of this model and the man behind it is the same as that of Manusmriti.

6. He does not want to answer any question live on TV. Only pre-screened questions on Chai pe charcha are allowed!

7. The man boasts of his 56 inch chest. I wonder, had he been a woman, the rhetoric would have been of D cup!


(Pic – Arnold Schwarzenegger here (Only Google can remember the spelling ))

So, for reasons unexplained he will be a great Prime Minister.