verbal relations

I am generally not fond of the English language. It is hard to understand the rules, harder to follow. However, I found that when it comes to relationships, English doesn’t do that bad. Here are a few verbs which match the archetypal figures we have seen around:

to mother – implies to nurture, care and concern

to father – to bring into being, to create

So, obviously a father need not stick around. All the pains of raising a child are the set aside privilege of the mother.

to husband – to use cautiously and frugally

Again, so true in most modern families. For all the new age ladies who boast of their hobby as shopping and describe themselves as shopoholic, there must be somebody to care for the resources.

The English have added a noun in English which isn’t far from reality:

Trouble and strife – Informal term of address for someone’s wife in UK.

So, apparently our forefathers gave us the forewarnings, but the good Lord didn’t give the stupid, a foresight to forfend a strike by the cupid.